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Was able to get an excellent Au Pair from your site Thank you.
Shuaib and Hadiza, Australia

Linda, Female Slovakian Au Pair From Slovakia

Linda Au Pair Profile


Me sleeping with my cat

Me as a child

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Date Registered: 28 May 2012 Last Modified: 06 Jun 2012 Last Signed In: 19 Mar 2018
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Brief Summary Of The Au Pair

I'am a 32 year old Female Slovakian Au Pair from Bratislava in Slovakia, I would like to work as an Au Pair in Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom for 1 - 24 months, and I would be willing to look after children between the ages of 2 and 16 years old.

Contact Information For This Au Pair

Name: Linda
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Bratislava
Region: Bratislavsky
Country: Slovakia

Au Pair Information And Family Preferences

Nationality: Slovakian
Age: 32
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: No
Have Got A Driving License: Yes
Years Of Education: 17-19 Years
My Height Is: 170 cm
My Weight Is: 145 Lbs
My Health Is: Good
I am Married: No
I am An Au Pair Couple: No
I Have A Passport From: Slovakia
Speak Fluently: Czech, English, Slowakian
Can Speak A Little: French, German
Seeking A Family In: Ireland, Norway, United Kingdom
Au Pair Is Open To Other Locations But Prefers: Norway - Telemark - Aafoss
Family Nationality: Any Nationality
Would Like To Work In: Small Town
Earliest Date To Start: 1 February 2013
Latest Date To Start: 31 March 2013
Can Work For A Period Of: 1 - 24 Months
Children Ages: 2 - 16 Years Old
Would Accept Single Parent: Yes
Mind If Family Is Smoking: No
Can Look After Disabled Children: Yes
Will Do Housework: Yes
Can Look After Children With Special Needs: Yes
Can Look After Elderley People: No

The Reasons I Want To Be An Au Pair:

Because working with children is both challenging and rewarding because children are innocent, pure and true to heart. They donít know about anger, rage, hate or racism to them, everyone is exactly alike. They lack knowledge of the evils in the world, for them itís just a huge place filled with goodness all around and heroes always win. They donít understand money or jobs. They just want to be princesses, superstars, knights or fire fighters. They believe in fairytales and have infinite inspirational imagination. They find joy in everything and laugh a lot. They live each day fascinated exploring the world, because of their inquiring minds. They are honest, perceptive and love the simplest things like human presence and love. Working as an au-pair also gives me opportunity to experience new things and to meet new beautiful people. In addition thereís a chance of learning languages and experiencing foreign cultures.

My Interests:

A 24-year-old open and broad-minded student interested in other peopleís cultures and lives, foreign languages, travelling and discovering new places and hiking in nature. I am friendly and personable, because I am always ready to listen, understand and help with a smile. I am also honest, trustworthy and responsible, because I care about things and people. I have strong conscience, so I am modest, conscientious, sensitive and hard working. I believe that I can do anything when I try and work on it. I respect every human being, because of the empathy and perceptiveness I posses, so I try to be thoughtful, positive, compassionate and forgiving. I am loyal and willing to give my time and energy to something that I believe in Ė life and love. I have an artistic heart, so I am interested in music, playing musical instruments guitar, piano, singing, drawing, crocheting, sewing, so I have to be patient, creative, practical, active and inventive.

Family Letter:

Dear family, I do not have working experiences as an au-pair, but I helped my mother to bring up my little sister, she's been hyperactive and demanding. I come from a family of girls, I have 3 younger cousins. I would love to work with children and I will also try to do my best to create a pleasant and comfortable environment around. My grandmother was a teacher and I have a wonderful mother, so I love learning new things and passing them to others. I also love reading books and playing. I like doing house work such as cleaning and tidying up, sometimes cooking I prefer healthy diet and I am not afraid to do harder or dirtier work. I am flexible and versatile, so I can adapt to your personal or special requirements. It would be nice if you have a cat, dog or other animals and a guitar or piano at home. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Linda

American Au Pair

Very nice site I found what i was looking for!
Alexander, Sweden