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Found someone thank you. Great site, we will be back next year!
merrilie, United Kingdom

Mandira, Female Nepalese Au Pair From Nepal

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Date Registered: 16 Mar 2017 Last Modified: 16 Mar 2017 Last Signed In: 25 Oct 2017
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Brief Summary Of The Au Pair

I'am a 28 year old Female Nepalese Au Pair from Bankatwa in Nepal, I would like to work as an Au Pair in United States for 12 - 24 months, and I would be willing to look after children between the ages of 0 and 1 years old. I have a passport from Nepal and a Visa for Nepal

Contact Information For This Au Pair

Name: Mandira
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Bankatwa
Region: Bagmati
Country: Nepal

Au Pair Information And Family Preferences

Nationality: Nepalese
Age: 28
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: No
Had Au Pair Experience Before:: 3 Years Experience
Have Got A Driving License: Yes
Years Of Education: 13-16 Years
My Height Is: 163 cm
My Weight Is: 115 Lbs
My Health Is: Excellent
I am Married: No
I am An Au Pair Couple: No
I Have A Passport From: Nepal
I Have A Visa For: Nepal
Speak Fluently: English
Can Speak A Little: Don't Have
Seeking A Family In: United States
Au Pair Is Open To Other Locations But Prefers: United States - Texas - Abilene 79601
Family Nationality: Eastern European
Would Like To Work In: Big City, Small Town, Countryside
Earliest Date To Start: 1 April 2017
Latest Date To Start: 1 April 2017
Can Work For A Period Of: 12 - 24 Months
Children Ages: 0 - 1 Years Old
Would Accept Single Parent: Yes
Mind If Family Is Smoking: Yes
Can Look After Disabled Children: Yes
Will Do Housework: Yes
Can Look After Children With Special Needs: Yes
Can Look After Elderley People: Yes

The Reasons I Want To Be An Au Pair:

: I am Mandira Basnet. Nepal is a himalayan country sandwiched between two Asian giants. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. It is located between two big countries India and China. Nepal is rich in natural resources and also it is the birth place of Lord gautama Buddha. It is the second richest country in water resources. Most of the visitors can spend their holidays by observing the natural beauty and also by doing adventures activities like paragliding, mountaineering, bungee jumping, cycling, rock climbing, jungle safari, hiking, trekking and many more. It's cultural landscape is every bit as diverse a dozen ethic group, speakers as many as fifty languages and dialect Co exist in this narrow jumbled buffer state. While two of the world great religious Hinduism and Buddhism . Nepal has seventh five district and fourteen zones. Many different ethnic groups coexist in Nepal and people having various religion, caste, custom, tradition and culture can be found here. They have their own language, food, lifestyle, clothing, caste and creed. Feeling of unity in diversity can be found among each other. People of Nepal they are bravery, kindhearted, helpful and welcoming nature. Nepalese people gave first priority in their families. They prefer to live in joint family .Nepalese people have been following their culture and traditions since ancient times. Nepalese people have lots of festivals some of the major festivals of Nepal are dashain, tihar, chhath, lhochar, gaijatra, bhoto jatra etc. Nepalese people celebrate all kinds of festivals without discrimination. Gundruk fermented vegetables which test is very nice with rice. , dhedo made from water mixed with toasted corn, millet or wheat floor. and achar is the most popular meal in Nepal. Nepalese dessert including khir rice padding.Nepalese love to have momo dumping in their day time. Basically we love spicy food. Nepalese are innately conservative in their attitudes to clothing. Nudity is another sensitive issues .They do not wear open dresses because of the Conservative nature of people in rural areas. Which is urban areas western dresses are more popular because of western influence in young boys and girls. But they are also aware about their traditional dresses during festival that another thing is parents prefer that their child stays them till they grew old parenting techniques are slightly different than western techniques. Asian parents provide love and support and same boundaries to their children. Children are not free to take their decision by themselves and they are not to free to choose their own career.

My Interests:

I Mandira Basnet from udaypur. I am twenty four years old and I have completed my high school from udaypur basaha and I have also completed my nursing course from shankarapur academy narayantar Kathmandu. I have also completed my caretaker training from health@ home pvt. Ltd . old baneswor Kathmandu. Now taking to my hobbies. I like dancing , singing and playing with dog. I also like to share my feelings with friend and relaxing with my family also. I also like to cook difference type of cuisines .And playing with children. Meeting with different kids and help to find out their likes and dislikes. I love to make kids happy. I am interested in reading different types of book and visiting new place. I am nature loving person so I visited different place. Basically I visited rural areas because I want to find out more experience the life style of people living in that area . Another my talents are dancing, singing and drawing pictures. In my college days I had participate dancing competition and I had won first price. I had also participate drawing competition and I have won second price. I had also participate football competition and I have first price which was hanging my room. So above are my hobbies, talents and interest.

Family Letter:

My name is Mandira Basnet. I live in Kathmandu capital of Nepal. I have completed my high school with first division from shree narad adarsh higher secondary school which is located in udaypur basaha. I have also completed my nursing course with distinction from shankarapur academy narayantar Kathmandu Nepal. I have also completed my caretaker training from health@ home pvt. Ltd. Which is located in old baneswor Kathmandu Nepal. I live together with my mother. I have not Siblings but I like Siblings so much so my mother adopted one younger sister. Her name is Goma Basnet. She is 13 years old and studies in five class. I do not think so she is not my sibling. I love her so much as my younger sister. My father was expeirdmilitary army.When I was five months. My mother does business .my relationship to my paternal oncle, my Aunty, my oncle, my cousin is good too. Taking to my hobbies. I like dancing and singing. I also like to share my feelings with my closest friends and relaxing with my family also. I also like to cook difference type of cuisines. I also like to meet different kids and playing with children. I love to make kids happy .I am interested in reading different types of book and visiting new place. Other people often describe me as a very helpful, trustful and friendly person. I like it to help other people if some body asks me something or needs help, I do my best to help them. Other strengths and characteristics of me are openes and adaptability. I like to talk with people and to get into contact with them. My friends can tell me every secret and I never tell it any one else. All in all I am a very honest person. I like sports. During my college days I had participate football competition and I have second price. I had also participate drawing competition and I have first price. I had also participate dancing competition and I have first price. I do not like over crowded. During our college days I made a member of leo social organisation. During that period I learned most important things that are very useful in our life like discipline, self protection, unity, trust, truthful, good manner etc. So I think I can deal properly with different aged group of people like children. During our practicum course. I took one month training from international friendship children hospital. Which is located in balwatar Kathmandu Nepal. I have experience of working. Now a days I am working at geriatric home till date. I am care of the elderly people. Her name is Shanta devi satyal. Her medical diagnosis is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with hypertension with pleural effusion. She is 95 years old. I will try to my level best and fulfill my duties and responsibilities sincerely as an Au Pair. I want to stay abroad in the USA because I would like to get to know an other country with its culture and customs especially the American ways of life attract me. Also I would love to take part at some culture festivals in your family like thanksgiving. All in all I would appreciate to becoming a part of your family and having a great year with you. I am sure we would have a lot of fun. Your sincerely Mandira Basnet

American Au Pair

I really mean when I say this is best site of all, and I have been to many, Thanks!!!
Petra, Czech Republic